Make a Thrive Pledge

Why a Thrive Pledge?

Making a Thrive Pledge, stating publicly what matters to you, can give you both a focus and a filter for making choices and earth-thriving decisions.  

On turning 70, Dorothy Reilly was inspired to make a Thrive Pledge to focus her energy on living within the carrying capacity of our planet, our home. She invites all to join her.  

Dorothy Reilly, Southampton, Drawdown East End cofounder

I pledge to...
 - Help heal the earth, its inhabitants and myself
 - Align my life and choices with nature so it can regenerate and provide resources for a fair, regenerative economy
 - Reduce my carbon footprint by 50% by 2030 with the aid of a Personal Climate Action Plan
 - Take responsibility for my actions and avoid blaming others 
 - Speak up for the rights of nature and the natural rights of future generations
 - Support local, state and national efforts that honor these rights and this commitment
 - Exercise democracy and right to vote
 - Create new social norms by sharing my efforts with friends and through social media 
 - Enjoy the deep satisfaction of imagining and building a shared future 
 - Be a creative force of nature

What's your pledge?

Thank you for your pledge!