• Core Principales – How We Approach This Work

    • We seek to understand the facts and accurately represent them

    • Optimistic and solution focused knowing that reversing global warming is possible

    • Trusting the science

    • Prioritization of solutions assists in identifying high impact targets

    • Building programs and structures to be scalable and/or replicable

    • Being in Right Relationship with ourselves, and Mother Nature

    • No government required, although policy work can be a magnifier

    • Comprehensive approach – stop emissions AND sequestering carbon

    • Language is centered in the positive and does not including words of war or coercion

  • We Know and Intend:

    • Cascading Benefits in Economics Environment & Health

    • Advancing equality, health, and education

    • We are all stakeholders


Team Communications

  • Communicate regularly across functions WHAT DOES THIS MEAN???

  • Clear titles in emails, begin with DDEESC, DDFFF, 100w4w… followed by specific topic

  • Do not “reply all” to emails unless “all” must see or respond


Media Standards: vet through the Drawdown East End steering committee

  • PR & marketing materials

  • Dates for DDEE programs

  • Public statements using DDEE as the voice

  • Colors, Typeface, Logo: TBD


Social Tools: