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Why Buy Local?

Love your local.  When dollars are spent locally, they can in turn be re-spent locally, and support services like libraries and schools. Seventy-three cents of every dollar stays in the local economy (vs. 57 cents of every dollar leaves when you shop non-local). Read here


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Who's Open And Where To Find Them


COVID-19 | Long Island Farm Bureau

We are working to keep you up to date on agricultural product availability so you can help continue to support your local growers and producers in these unprecedented times. This list reflects the most up to date information we have received from farmers and may change as circumstances and guidance do in light of the current global pandemic. 

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Farmer's Markets | East End Food Institute

Shop Our Virtual Farmers Market. How to Help Local Food Producers during the COVID-19 Crisis 

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Long Island Farmers Market Guide 2020

CSA Slow Food East End

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way for a community of consumers to directly support small local farms. Members (“subscribers” or “shareholders”) pay a fee to join which is repaid in fresh produce throughout the growing season (mid-May to November in our area).

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Purchasing Guide Kiss the Ground

How you can eat well, build soil, and regenerate the planet by making conscious purchasing decisions.

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What is Available at Farmstands and Local Fish Markets? Take the Pledge!