The Great Grid

Great Policy Grid of Local Drawdown Strategies


On February 26, 2020, Rob Calvert, Sag Harbor, trustee of the Sag Harbor Community Housing Trust and Mark Haubner, member of the Town of Riverhead Environmental Advisory Committee gave a presentation of the Great Grid. 


Representing the Drawdown East End Policy team, they presented an eye-opening, valuable, prioritizing tool created by a working group of dedicated local individuals, assigning 32 top Drawdown solutions to Southampton and Riverhead master plans, coordinating with other goals of the Peconic Estuary Partners (PEP) and their comprehensive plan (CCMP), as well as the local climate action pilot programs being initiated by Drawdown East End. 


Mark Haubner who is also layering in the the 9 Planetary Boundaries (Stockholm Resilience Centre), and the 17 Sustainability Goals (U.N.) said “our societies and their specialists have spent 250 years analyzing and dis-integrating everything under the sun and it’s time that we, as generalists, synthesize and reintegrate the world into being whole and balanced once again.”

Contact: Mark Haubner and Rob Calvert