Drawdown East End FAQ's

Drawdown, Project Drawdown and Drawdown East End


What is Drawdown?

  • Drawdown (DD) is the point where more greenhouse gasses (GHG) are drawn out of the atmosphere than are added.  We will refer to drawdown as an event

What is Project Drawdown?

  • Project Drawdown (PD) is a research project that resulted in a book and web site that provide the results of that project

  • PD gives us an understanding of the top causes of global warming, and therefor defines the most fruitful opportunities for reversing global warming.  Knowing what is most effective to achieve Drawdown is incredibly valuable and exciting

  • Drawdown is also a new way of thinking about and acting on global warming. It's a goal for the future that we want, a future where reversing global warming is possible

What is Drawdown East End (DDEE)?

  • A group of East End residents who are working together to pursue local solutions that drawdown GHG emissions and reverse global warming while causing cascading environmental, economic and societal benefits

Drawdown East End initiatives, sessions, events


What are DDEE Initiatives?

DDEE has identified approximately 39 of the 80 current PD opportunities that are directly actionable on the East End (see attached Appendix Potential DDEE Initiatives).  There are PD coming attraction opportunities like kelp farming that are also notably appropriate for the East End.  As more people in the community participate with DDEE more locally actionable initiatives can be pursued.  It is possible to address all the PD opportunities at any time by supporting legislation or campaigning for business policy using instant actions.


What happens in an introduction to Drawdown session?          

  • Clarifies the distinctions between

    • Drawdown as an event,

    • Project Drawdown the research project and

    • Drawdown East End

  • Gives a quick big picture goal for GHG emission reduction targets and timelines

  • Illustrates the importance of the choices people in this community make in reducing GHG emissions

  • Defines what drawdown the event is and how it works

  • Presents the Project Drawdowns research results of top opportunities to achieve drawdown and reverse global warming

  • Describes their approach and what we love about it

  • Describes the mission of Drawdown East End – a grass roots organization working on local solutions that take advantage of the opportunities identified by Project Drawdown

  • Provides a brief overview of the methods used by DDEE in implementing local solutions and supporting each other in doing so

  • Invites people to participate in DDEE initiatives and upcoming solution sessions


What are Solution Sessions?

  • Solution sessions is the catch all term for people getting together to identify, plan and take action on solutions that reduce and drawdown GHG emissions creating cascading environmental, economic and societal benefits

    • They can take place in a variety of venues and have various formats

    • Examples of formats where Solution Sessions can happen include:

      • At any meeting place

      • As part of Drawdown Dinners

      • As part of forums that bring together larger groups of stakeholders and include presentations and education material

      • Within festivals as breakout sessions


What happens at Solution Sessions? This is the core value of Drawdown East End

  • People choose to pursue specific solutions to Drawdown opportunities within DDEE initiatives such as reducing food waste, using renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, etc.

    • Refer to an existing list of solutions or identify and articulate possible new solutions (and check with steering committee that they advance a drawdown opportunity)

    • Consider which are most achievable and have the biggest impact as well as what inspires you

    • Define goals

    • Define what constitutes the completion of the goal and how the GHG reduction, cost and savings can be measured

    • Articulate a plan of action to accomplish the goal

    • Adopt, develop, refine and utilize best practices – methods that give people direction on how to accomplish the respective solutions – so they can be replicated

  • Work in teams

    • Ideally teams are 3-5 people with a facilitator who is more experienced in meeting the challenges faced by the team.  Example: in an energy group someone who has done an energy audit and home retrofit would work with new groups embarking on that same solution

    • Set up team meetings to pursue results

    • Participants can join existing initiatives and solution teams or start a new team to work on a new initiative and form a new team to pursue specific solutions


What is an Instant Action?

  • Instant actions give people the opportunity to support some legislation, campaign or project by writing a letter, making a call or signing a petition.  One big goal of the DDEE is to leverage the voices of the collective of the participants


What types of DDEE events and meeting formats are there?

  • Presentations

    • By a DDEE leader to people unacquainted with Drawdown

  • Festivals

    • Mish mosh of introduction to DD information gallery’s; films; vendors of local resources - regenerative products, service; etc.; break-out solution sessions on various initiatives; presentations; food; music; fun

  • Forums

    • Focused working group on specific campaign, project

  • Drawdown Drinks

    • Social gatherings with Instant Actions, announcements, passive information gallery’s / educational exhibits and brief presentations of a community solution by a stakholder

  • Drawdown Dinners combined with

    • Locally sourced food

    • Intro sessions

    • information gallery’s /educational exhibits

    • Solution sessions

    • Steering committee or other team planning sessions