Definitions of Terms


  • Initiatives = the collective efforts and actions directed at one or other of the project Drawdown
    Opportunities that participants do to achieve DD. These include personal choices, community
    campaigns, community projects, civic actions, event creation and implementations

  • Opportunity = a distinct source of existing and/or potential GHG emissions that can be prevented or a
    means of drawing down GHG emissions identified by Project Drawdown. An Opportunity clarifies where
    to direct, devise or apply solutions ie. Food waste (Opportunities are called ‘solution’s in the PDD book
    but seem better to be called opportunities. Without both a method for achieving a solution and a result it
    is hard to call something a solution)

  • Solution(s) = a task, choice, action or methodology that causes a specific measurable DD benefit or
    result e.g. food waste reduction by planning meals

  • Topic = the area in which the project drawdown ‘solutions’ or opportunities apply. e.g. food waste,
    energy, etc.

  • Campaigns = on-going effort to cause a transformation in a broader undesirable situation, policy,
    practice or process to make it more desirable. E.g. campaign to reduce food waste by grocery stores in
    EH town by 50%

  • Projects = causing a transformation in an undesirable situation, policy, practice or process in a particular,
    individual instance or case to make it more desirable e.g. reduce food waste at the IGA in Amagansett by
    50% (projects are part of campaigns)

  • Session = a single meeting tied to a specific drawdown topic/opportunity e.g. reducing food waste.
    Sessions provide lists of solutions with education/information and resources that facilitate or enable
    that solution e.g. weekly menus with shopping lists

  • Series = a succession of sessions that help people support each other, gain momentum and follow
    through on achieving solutions

  • Event = a gathering, often not part of a series, where some educational, community outreach, or
    fundraising activity happens e.g. Drawdown Drinks

  • Activist / Action = typically something related to a civic gathering to show public support for a DD