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Are you worried about Climate Change but don’t know what to do?

Many think that solutions to global warming lie with fossil fuel companies and government regulations, not realizing that a UN study discovered that 2/3 of all greenhouse gas emissions are a result of household decisions.  That’s right!  We consumers can make a difference!  CREW (Carbon Reduction for Earth Wellbeing) is a 5 session gathering (zoom or in person) where climate concerned participants utilize Damon Gameau’s 2040 Handbook(based on Project Drawdown) as a springboard for discussing various climate issues and counter actions to offset them.  Other readings and movies are interspersed as optional references.


Two of the main goals of the sessions are:

1. TALK, TALK, TALK to friends, family and even total strangers about the climate crisis not being an insurmountable issue. 

2. Planning and implementing a personalized plan where each person attempts to reduce his/her carbon footprint by 50% in 5 years.  


The discussions amongst the participants include informing each other of steps already taken and steps that each would like to take.  Information and resources are shared to assist all with ideas of concrete steps that will enable a reduced carbon lifestyle. Group support and accountability make forming and sticking with the climate action plan a reality.  


Find out more about how you can start your own group or join one here.


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