Actions from Drawdown Review

Accelerating Solutions 

Project Drawdown solutions are specific and measurable. But solutions do not scale themselves. Together, we need to remove barriers and accelerate implementation and expansion.  
 1 Shape Culture - with stories, the arts, dialogue and visioning, to  foster a sense of collective courage.

 2  Build Power - by building community, movements and diverse leadership to work for the interests of everyone in the community. 

 3  Set Goals - to govern direction, like “carbon neutral by 2030” or “a climate-just future.”

 4  Alter Rules and Policy - policy shifts can advance solutions,                    reevaluate laws, regulations, taxes, tax breaks, subsidies and incentives to conform to regenerative standards. 

 5 Shift Capital - to create the fuel for making change, using public and          private investment and philanthropic giving to stimulate a                                regenerative climate action.  

 6  Change Behavior - use your power to choose to change the system.  Where changes in behavior aggregate, outcomes can shift significantly.

 7  Improve Technology - to stop the sources of emissions, and implement the improvement: Now is better than New. 


Excerpt from Drawdown Review 2020 - Climate Solutions for a New Decade